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Teaching Studio.

🇫🇷 Flute lessons in Paris
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​I'm committed to helping you...

✅ Find your learning style

✅ Reach your individual goals

✅ Stay motivated

✅ Find opportunities to play and perform

✅ Learn life lessons through music


在私下和诸如 Play on Philly 和 Kingdom Fluteworks 等组织任教后,我有教各级学生的经验。我热衷于为我的每个学生创造定制的学习体验,包括帮助您找到您热爱的音乐类型以及在合奏和表演中演奏的机会。我的学生被选入美国各地的音乐节目,例如:洛杉矶青年管弦乐团、新泽西长笛合唱团日和北加州长笛训练营。要咨询加入我的工作室,请单击下面的“向 Serena 学习”按钮。在您的信息中,请包括学生的姓名、年龄和音乐背景 - 以及您喜欢的上课时间。我的教学工作室目前位于巴黎,因为我在 École Normale de Musique 攻读艺术家文凭,但只要时差允许,我可以为世界各地的学生提供在线课程。

Teaching Clips

Tiahna S.

与 Serena 一起学习是我参加私人课程的最佳体验!她帮助我准备地区试镜以及我的大学试镜。在她的帮助下,我得以被国内顶尖的音乐学校之一录取!在短短的时间内,我的进步非常出色,我非常感谢有机会向她学习!

Writing Music

Aaliyah G.

Serena 是一位了不起的长笛老师!作为一名球员,她帮助我提高了,我非常感谢我遇到了她!

Flute Player in Orchestra

Emily Q.

Serena 小姐是一位充满激情的年轻音乐家,也是一位出色的长笛教练。三年前,我和我的女儿们和她一起开始了我们的长笛课。她一直是一位耐心而专业的老师,能够想出不同的、创造性的方式向我们每个人解释一个概念,直到每个人都掌握了这个概念!我们都爱她!

How do online lessons work?

I meet with my students one-on-one for 30-min or 1-hour lessons once a week via Zoom. You will need a strong internet connection and a device with good audio quality. Learning online may take some adjustment, but it allows for great flexibility in terms of scheduling and location!

How do I know if taking online lessons right for me?

I have accomplished a lot with my current students using good camera angles and verbal explanations of position. All of my long-term students have developed very strong communication skills and the ability to ask good questions as a result. How this pans out would depend on your learning style of course - some students take really well to this way of learning but others will need someone to physically adjust the flute for them, which I cannot do over the internet. For younger students, I’ve had parents attend the first few lessons to help them move things around based on my instruction in case the student doesn’t quite understand. If you feel unsure, I welcome you to give it a try! At the end of the day, there is not one way to learn the flute, and at every level there will be constant adjustments to be made. I do everything I can to adapt to the needs of each student, but I would not hesitate to tell you if I think your child would have a better chance of thriving under different circumstances. 

How do you support your students outside of lesson times?

Each of my students has a custom Notion page with updated lesson notes to refer to if they need a refresher on what we discussed during their lesson. The page will also have links to recordings and pdfs of any music I am able to send digitally. My students are welcome to message me with questions and updates throughout the week, and I am more than happy to help students find additional opportunities to play and perform in their area (such as community bands, youth orchestras, and summer programs). For instance, Check out this article my student Annette wrote about her time at Northern California flute camp!

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