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Teaching Studio.

🇫🇷 Flute lessons in Paris
🌎 Online lessons from anywhere


​I'm committed to helping you...

✅ Find your learning style

✅ Reach your individual goals

✅ Stay motivated

✅ Find opportunities to play and perform

✅ Learn life lessons through music


Having taught privately and for organizations such as Play on Philly and Kingdom Fluteworks, I have experiences teaching students of all levels. I am passionate about creating a custom learning experience for each of my students, including helping you learn the type of music you're interested in and find opportunities to play in ensembles and perform. My students have been selected for music programs all around the US, such as: the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra, Montclair State University's John J. Cali School of Music, and Idyllwild Orchestra Camp. To inquire about joining my studio, click the 'Learn from Serena' button below. In your message, please include the name, age, and musical background of the student - as well as your preferred lesson times. My teaching studio is currently based in Paris, but I am available for online lessons for students all around the world so long as the time difference allows. 

Teaching Clips

Tiahna S.

Studying with Serena has been the best experience I’ve had for private lessons! She helped me prepare for Region auditions as well my college auditions. With her help, I was able to be accepted into one of the top music schools in the country! In a small amount of time, my progress excelled and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!

Writing Music

Aaliyah G.

Serena is an amazing flute teacher! She’s helped me improve as a player and I am very grateful that I met her !

Flute Player in Orchestra

Emily Q.

Miss Serena is a passionate young musician and a wonderful flute instructor. My daughters and I have started our flute lessons three year ago with her. She has been such a patient and professional teacher to be able to come up with different, and creative ways to explain a concept to each of us until everyone grasps the concept! We all love her!

How do online lessons work?

I meet with my students one-on-one for 30-min or 1-hour lessons once a week via Zoom. You will need a strong internet connection and a device with good audio quality. Learning online may take some adjustment, but it allows for great flexibility in terms of scheduling and location!

How do I know if taking online lessons right for me?

I have accomplished a lot with my current students using good camera angles and verbal explanations of position. All of my long-term students have developed very strong communication skills and the ability to ask good questions as a result. How this pans out would depend on your learning style of course - some students take really well to this way of learning but others will need someone to physically adjust the flute for them, which I cannot do over the internet. For younger students, I’ve had parents attend the first few lessons to help them move things around based on my instruction in case the student doesn’t quite understand. If you feel unsure, I welcome you to give it a try! At the end of the day, there is not one way to learn the flute, and at every level there will be constant adjustments to be made. I do everything I can to adapt to the needs of each student, but I would not hesitate to tell you if I think your child would have a better chance of thriving under different circumstances. 

How do you support your students outside of lesson times?

Each of my students has a custom Notion page with updated lesson notes to refer to if they need a refresher on what we discussed during their lesson. The page will also have links to recordings and pdfs of any music I am able to send digitally. My students are welcome to message me with questions and updates throughout the week, and I am more than happy to help students find additional opportunities to play and perform in their area (such as community bands, youth orchestras, and summer programs). For instance, Check out this article my student Annette wrote about her time at Northern California flute camp!

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